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Load Management

Load management is a key component in Roseau Electric Cooperative's mission of keeping your rates low. Members who participate in the program receive significant rate discounts but they are not the only ones saving money. All members benefit from this program.

What is load Management?
The load management program enables Roseau Electric Cooperative to control electric load during peak periods of demand. The coldest, windiest winter days and the hottest, most humid summer days produce these peak demand periods. Load control may also be influenced by the availability and price of electric energy in the wholesale marketplace. The actual control is done from Minnkota Power Cooperative's office in Grand Forks, N.D.

Off-peak electric heat is Roseau Electric's primary load management program. Off-peak customers allow Roseau Electric Cooperative to switch their electric heat to an alternative heat source for a significantly reduced rate. Off-peak customers also have the option to have their water heaters controlled and receive a monthly credit on their bill.

For more information about Roseau Electric's load management program, call our office at 888-847-8840 and ask for member services.

Your Load Control Information

If you are a Roseau Electric Cooperative off-peak customer, you can now check the status of your loads that are being controlled.  Click here and follow the instructions so you can find the information that is needed to use the Minnkota's website.

Minnkota's Load Management Information
To obtain the latest information regarding Minnkota Power's load control plans, the current state of the load management system, today's log, yesterday's log and log archives, click here.

IMPORTANT: You will need to hit the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser after the Minnkota page comes up so you're sure to get the latest information from the site!

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